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With TabTool, you have the ability to manage and maintain all contacts associated with your projects. Once created in TabTool, you can easily add a contact to new files and tickets through intelligent cross-references. This saves you the effort of entering the data for a contact person anew each time. At the same time, the project history is linked to each contact, providing a dedicated project history viewable in the file of the respective contact. Thus, TabTool essentially contains an integrated CRM system for managing your project contacts. 

Adding Contacts in TabTool: Creating Contact Files 

Contacts relevant to your projects can be added to TabTool through various methods: 

1. Create contacts in the package master data 

A central contact directory for your user package is located in the administration menu. You can find this at the top right in the TabTool taskbar.

By clicking on the 'Contacts' entry in the administration menu, a list of contacts existing in the user package opens up (e.g., from previous projects). Here, you can find all contacts from all projects created in your package (provided you have the appropriate user rights).


By clicking on the (+) button, you can create as many new contact files as needed. Simply fill out the contact form that appears in the right column of your user interface. 

2. Transfer Existing Contacts in TabTool Project Management 

You can add existing contacts from the global contact directory of your user package to a project through the project menu, located in the left column of the TabTool Office user interface. 

Click on 'Project administration ', select the desired project, and then click on the list entry 'Contacts'. A list of all contacts already present in your package appears in the right column.

If you want to transfer contacts to the selected project, activate the checkbox to the left of the respective contact entry. By clicking on thebutton above the contact list, the selected contacts are imported into your project.

3. Create Contacts Directly in Project Files 

You also have the option to create contacts directly while editing a project file. This is possible, for example, in the master file of your project. Click on the 'Contacts' entry. A list of existing project contacts opens, above which you'll find a (+) button to create new contact files. 

Please note: 

Avoid creating a new contact in the project if you know that the contact already exists in the global contact directory of your user package. Otherwise, it may lead to duplicate or multiple entries of a contact in the package master data. Instead, use the option to transfer contacts from the global contact directory. Here's how:


Use Global Contacts to Avoid Duplicate Entries 

When you are in the 'Contacts' folder of your project file, click on the user icon at the top right in the 'Contacts' toolbar. 

A pop up window will open, displaying all contacts stored in the package. By activating the checkbox to the left of a contact and clicking the 'Add'-button, you can now easily transfer selected contacts into the contact directory of your project. This eliminates the need to create contacts anew within the project. 

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